A tranquil island in the beautiful caribbean

Drawn by clean air and mythical light, residents experience affordable, safe housing and the natural beauty of the island.

VIHA is on a roll to renew its public housing portfolio. See how far we’ve come.

Incentive bonus for each new contract executed between June 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023.


The Virgin Islands Housing Authority’s (VIHA) Annual Plans for FY2024 are now readily available for public review and download. Interested parties can access these documents by clicking here: VIHA FY2024

Public Notification U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Rental Housing Demonstration Program

"We have a moral responsibility to improve the living conditions of the families within our reach."

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Together we can create smaller, amenity-rich, hurricane-safe, energy efficient and affordable housing where families can breathe.

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