Low Income Public Housing (LIPH)

Public Housing Program

Welcome to The Virgin Islands Housing Authority’s official website. This  website will be utilized as a platform  to keep you, our visiting audience, abreast on the latest information, highlights, and achievements, occurring within VIHA.

Collectively, our mission is and has always been, to improve the lives of our residents, by furnishing them with the services necessary to evolve economically; thus giving them the ability to succeed in becoming self-sustainable, while providing quality and affordable housing, throughout that

Within the past few years, the agency has fostered a number of efforts, in order to achieve our goal of becoming a top notch Public Housing Authority that exhibits nothing secondary to the highest degree set forth by our industry standards.

We are pleased with the progressions that we  have made thus far, in moving towards this goal, and will aggressively continue to strive forward. VIHA has displayed such efforts, by consistently demonstrating it’s ability to meet a number of milestones. As we continue in our pursuit of achieving the objectives set forth by ourselves, and The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we look forward to sharing more of our successes with you.

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preapplication 2020 for public housing

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