Message from the Executive Director

To our residents, partners and friends, welcome to the virtual Virgin Islands Housing Authority. We hope this website is a useful portal for you to explore all VIHA has to offer the thousands of families it serves.

With our Governor, we share a vision of resiliency and a commitment to assure the long-term sustainability of the Territory’s affordable housing sector.

That word, ‘sustainability,’ has special meaning for Virgin Islanders because we are on the front line of hurricanes coming from the coast of West Africa across the Atlantic; hurricanes that come earlier and with greater intensity every year.

VIHA must therefore rebuild in the aftermath of disaster to a longer horizon. So we are, embarking on a 10-year affordable housing revitalization plan that is transforming 3,000 units of deteriorated public housing into attractive, amenity-rich, hurricane-resistant communities for decades to come.

These communities will be much more than brick and mortar. Included in the plan are the wrap-around services families need to prosper and raise the leaders of tomorrow.

I give thanks for the exceptional VIHA Board of Commissioners and VIHA staff who join me in this effort. In all of my time in public housing, nothing has been so exciting or rewarding as working with them to bring these goals to life.

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