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The Virgin Islands Housing Authority will respond promptly to all complaints.

Residents have the right to seek relief with the Central Office if they have been unable to resolve their complaint at the Management Office. This procedure is intended to ensure that residents receive feedback on their complaint.  Anyone in the Central Office may take a complaint and its the Asset Management Department and Housing Choice Voucher Program responsibility to respond to these complaints. Residents are encouraged to first take their complaint to their community office or Housing Choice Voucher Program office for resolution.

Each complaint concerning physical condition of the units may be reported by phone to the housing manager or Housing Choice Voucher Program. Anonymous complaints are checked often. If a family disagrees with an action or inaction of the Management Office or Housing Choice Voucher Program, Residents can complete the complaint form and forward it to the Director of Asset Management, Housing Choice Voucher Program or to Executive Director office.

The Director of Asset Management office will forward complaint form to the Property Manager for response to the issue. Property Manager’s must respond to the complaint in writing on the Resident Complaint Form within 48 hours and returned by scan and email to the Director of Asset Management office.  The Director of Housing Choice Voucher Program will respond to all Housing Choice Voucher Program issues within 48 hours.

The Executive office will follow up with the resident to relay the outcome of the complaint. The Director of Asset Management or the Director of Housing Voucher Program will also follow up with management as necessary to resolve the complaint.

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