Mission Statement

“To promote better and effective home ownership for all eligible public housing residents in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and to enable home ownership to reach an optimum level through education, maintenance and instilling a sense of pride for all home ownership.”

The Virgin Islands Housing Authority is pleased to provide the following information to promote the William’s Delight Home Ownership Program. We hope that you will gain a better understanding of what home ownership is about, and how it relates to our communities.

Home Ownership is a commitment to personal financial security.
Home Ownership is a commitment to strengthening families and good citizenship.
Home Ownership is a commitment to community.
Home Ownership is a commitment to economic growth.

The Vision Of Home Ownership

The Vision of the William’s Delight Home Ownership Program is to:

(1) Empower our residents to achieve their housing dreams and improve their lives through home ownership.
(2) Promote home Ownership as an achievable and viable goal to:
Families who pay substantial monthly rent, but who believe that home ownership is beyond their reach.

Highlight the importance of home ownership as an American value and encourage home ownership population and renters to get together and become involved in supporting the Home ownership strategies.

Reinvigorate the idea of increased savings as an important component of home buying and home ownership.

Marketing Strategies

● Training and Counseling Seminars

● Home Ownership Fairs and Expositions

● One on One Counseling Sessions

● Media Awareness Campaigns

● Assistance with Application Preparation

● Pamphlets and Brochures for Outreach

For more information about our William’s Delight Home Ownership opportunity,
please do not hesitate to contact Zelda Williams at: (340) 778- 8442.

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